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SMS conversational texts put your customers in front of your brand in a way that’s immediate and convenient for them. There’s a reason text messaging is the no.1 method of communication for millennials under 50. More interesting still, 82% of consumers enable text notifications on their phones. A chatbot makes a day-and-night difference in customer experience because it personalizes communication based on your brand’s style and audience’s reaction. Customers don’t care if live chat agents are overloaded talking to 10, 50, or 100 other people. Website visitors don’t have that 5 min to wait for a reply in a queue.

conversation marketing definition

Consumers want answers as fast as possible with the smallest amount of effort on their part. To be able to provide this, your brand-customer conversation needs to be always set in the circumstantial context. Without it, there is no continuity, no personalization, no convenience.

Focus on customer engagement

But what is conversational marketing, and what makes it different? To get the answers to those and other common questions about conversational marketing, we went straight to an expert. The primary goal of dialogue marketing is to allow businesses to gain a better understanding of their potential customers. It also aims to create positive attitudes toward a business or a product, increase brand recognition, and build loyal, repeat customers.

conversation marketing definition

Try to keep the message focused on one point and not too complicated. For example, you can ask for customer feedback and then sidetrack into other topics through the exchange of messages. The conversation may start with an eye-catching welcome message and end with a sales pitch. Some tools offer integrated features to track how chats translate into sales. For example, in Tidio you can track how many additional sales were generated after a conversation.

Choose Apt Channels

And according to Facebook’s February earnings, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger had 1.5 billion and 1.3 billion monthly active users, respectively. People want to get the answer to their question as quickly as possible and with the smallest amount of effort. This is why it’s so important to make a CRM part of your conversational marketing strategy. Context means gathering, storing, and making accessible customer data — from recent orders to visits to pricing pages to their job title. The more you know about the customer and the more you can demonstrate that in the conversation, the more helpful you’ll be. Sure, conversational marketing is the topic of the day, but we believe it is just one small piece of the puzzle.

  • The Conversations solution was used by The Best Western team to provide travelers with personal recommendations for their trips.
  • You’ll quickly realize they aren’t afraid to talk about their grievances and desires—and you get free market research from it.
  • For example, a web chatbot might be the best communication channel in case you are trying to capture users who are still in their research stage.
  • Since its inception, many businesses have had a great deal of success with dialogue marketing.
  • In this example, they are using it to create a survey form in WordPress.
  • You hang up the phone, and you try a competing service instead.

Instead of manually answering repeated questions over and over again, employees managed to focus on more complicated and critical issues. Previously, Brendon’s customers had to call one of numbers or send an email request to get support. So, his support and consequently the sales team wasn’t overloaded.

Step 1: Determine Communication Channels

This is especially useful for uncovering opportunities to cross-sell and upsell to existing customers. Making it easier for people to engage with your business will help you convert more of the right leads faster. Intelligent chatbots to engage with people when they’re on your website. WhatsApp for conversational marketing to start speaking with your customers. The chatbot reduced the turn-around time on appointment booking by 80% and increased the sale of health packages by 65% within three months of implementing the bot. It also facilitated the round-the-clock availability of information and helped enhance the brand’s image.

conversation marketing definition

Conversational marketing is about improving the relationships with your customers and prospects and adding value to your business. Conversations are about nurturing relationships, conversation marketing definition not just closing sales. Brands can use these customer profiles to effectively segment their audience and create marketing strategies based on these segmentations.

How Conversational Marketing Will Grow Your Business

Now that you know what Conversational Marketing is, how it works, and what benefits it offers, you’re probably wondering what it looks like in practice. While Conversational Marketing isn’t exclusive to live chat and chatbots, we wanted to showcase what a conversational approach looks like — at every stage of the buying journey. Make sure there is a destination to store these chat conversations or data about the prospects and customers submitting the information through these experiences. Being able to rapidly respond to customer support issues or provide information on other products and services provides a positive feeling for those customers. With customer retention and revenue growth over time, conversational marketing will not only maintain a positive customer relationship but can also grow one as well. Plus, it’s a great way to build trust and develop stronger customer relationships.

Content was updated via “quick reply” buttons to reflect their preferences. You can also find a detailed comparison of top chatbot builders here. Take our certification to gain a clear understanding of how Conversational Marketing will increase your conversion rates and help you close more business.

Looking to take a deeper dive into Conversational Marketing and what it can do for your business?

Conversational marketing also helps you to raise the bar of customer experience. Companies that can improve their users’ online buying experience through conversational marketing solutions will set benchmarks for others to follow. Chatbots are great at engaging and understanding leads, however, nothing beats human interactions once it’s time to close a sale. Bots are used as intelligent routing in order to connect leads to your sales team and automatically book meetings for them. Utilizing chatbots instead of having users fill out lengthy forms has been known to engage users more easily than before.

conversation marketing definition

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