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Founder, Managing Director

Dr.Mark Laboratories is founded by a Scientific Research Professional with nearly two decades of expertise — Dr.Markandeya Bekkam, Ph.D. Backed by his diverse and varied research, including the exponential work in the field of Synthetic Organic Chemistry & Process Development Chemistry, he is ably aided by a talented team of scientists.

Prior to the founding of the company, Dr. Bekkam has worked in a leading API Company — MSN Laboratories Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad for more than a decade, wherein he has been involved in the Process Development of several API’s & Intermediates on various therapeutic diseases. He earned his Ph.D in Organic Chemistry from Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT), Hyderabad, India. His Doctoral studies mainly focused on the synthesis of natural and unnatural beta lactone molecules and their stereo chemical studies towards anti-tumor activity.
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Dr. Bekkam went on to conduct Postdoctoral Research with Keith T. Mead at Mississippi State University, USA for more than one year, where he achieved significant inventions in the field of total synthesis of natural products and Diels-Alder Methodology, followed by another Postdoctoral Research with Prof. David E. Nichols at Purdue University, USA for nearly two years, where he achieved significant inventions in the field of Medicinal Chemistry for focused libraries on Parkinson Disease drugs.

He has more than 25 National and International Patents, including Research Publications, to his credit.

Entrepreneurship is not mere ideas, it is about transforming those ideas to success.

– DR.MARKANDEYA BEKKAM, Founder, Managing Director


Joint Managing Director

Mr.Ramu Vanaparthy shaped his visionary personality while overcoming hurdles. From a son of the soil — born in a simple, honest agriculture family, he has transformed himself into an entrepreneur now. It all began when Mr.Vanaparthy found the calling as Marketing Executive at Shantha Sriram Constructions Pvt. Ltd., where he proved his mettle by achieving great sales targets from the word go. As a result of his enterprising moves, he was promoted as Head of Marketing soon.

A hands-on person, he involved himself in all the spheres of the construction activities and introduced superior marketing practices while at the same time boosting the morale of the team. His efforts didn’t go unnoticed and he was then elevated to the designation of General Manager.

Backed by the managerial experience and organizational expertise gained over 15 years at Shantha Sriram Constructions, he established Raam Developers in 2015. With an innovative vision of providing maximum value and ultimate happiness to a home buyer while offering true worth, today, under Mr.Vanaparthy’s able leadership Raam Developer has to its credit successfully completed prestigious real estate projects. The company has also won the hearts of scores of customers along the way owing to his customer-focused management initiatives.

Seeing similar entrepreneurial spark in Dr.Markandeya Bekkam, Mr.Vanaparthy supported the former’s vision, and together they co-founded Dr.Mark Laboratories in 2022.

Dr.Mark Laboratories is a R&D-led firm whose principal activity is the Research and Development as well as manufacturing and commercialization of high quality Pharmaceutical products of API, API-intermediates and contract research. The company caters to both domestic and international customers across the globe.



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